Being a Trailblazer

Credit Culture is the first FinTech company to provide digital solutions for personal loans in Singapore. Our innovative and proprietary technology enables the company to address current market inefficiencies, enabling consumers to benefit from a faster, cheaper and better loan application process.

Using innovative digitalised solutions in the lending industry, Credit Culture aims to lower the cost of credit for consumers and drive financial inclusion across a spectrum of income bands, including the lower income segment that does not have access to banking facilities.

Founded by a group of veteran and former bankers, the management team has collectively more than 30 years of experience in the financial industry and in-depth knowledge of the consumer credit and technology space.

Our Core Culture


Customers First

Being digital allows us to keep costs low and pass the savings to our customers by offering low rates.


Speed Matters

Our platform is designed to be simple and quick, allowing you to apply and receive your loan.


Transparency is our policy

All fees are shown upfront so there will be no hidden fees or surprise charges.

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